Saturday, 30 November 2013

Best things You can do while in Ireland

A travel package to Ireland is not the only thing that you need when you decide to explore the beauty that lies deep within the scenic terrain and the old castles. You need a lot more. Little pieces of advice would just be one of them.

When you decided to visit the country you definitely did your own research about the things you may be willing to do during your stay. But what about thinking a little more, what about taking a small pause and smelling the roses that are everywhere or just take a ride on the splendid horses that the country has? Who is going to tell you this?

We here found a small list of five things you should definitely do when you are visiting the beautiful country. 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Top 10 places to visit in Dublin - Ireland Travel

Traveling to Ireland can never be complete without a visit to Dublin, the capital and most densely populated city of Ireland. Dublin vouches of a great nightlife and has the most youthful crowd of all the cities. Almost 50% of its population comprises of youngsters who are less than 25 years in age. 

It has many beautiful places that can be visited, which are also of great historical significance. My personal favorites when it comes to paying a visit are: the Dublin Castle, the Guinness Storehouse, Old Jameson Distillery, Dublinia and the house of the Dublin Zoo - The Phoenix Park.

I also found a related video on youtube which mentions a few more interesting places to visit while you are in Dublin.

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Friday, 13 September 2013

Ireland Travel Packages

Are you planning a vacation to Ireland? Have you also bought a travel package to Ireland? Need help in deciding what places to visit while you are in the country? We might just help you a bit to utilize your Ireland travel package.
Ireland is the third largest island in Europe. It is separated from Great Britain by Irish Sea.  Ireland can be described as beautiful, breathtaking and friendly.  The beauty of Ireland consists of scenic mountainous areas, beautiful coastal region, fertile farmlands, lakes, rivers and volcanic landscapes. If you are planning to travel to Ireland then don’t miss these three places that are also identified as world heritage sites:

Brú na Bóinne

Brú na Bóinne is one of the worlds important prehistoric landscapes, The name literally means the ‘palace’ or the ‘mansion’ of the Boyne, this refers to the area within the bend of the River Boyne. It is located close to the east coast of Ireland approximately 40 km north of Dublin city, almost 8km west from the old fashioned town of Drogheda and about 5km east of the village of Slane. The archaeological landscape within Brú na Bóinne has three important large passage tombs known as, Knowth, Newgrange and Dowth, built about 5,000 years ago in the Late Stone Age. In addition to this site, there are ninety other monuments that have been recorded to exist in the area. This makes it one of the most notable archeological complexes in the whole world. Knowth, one of the tombs among Brú na Bóinne tombs, is known to consist of largest collection of megalithic art in the Western part of Europe. 

Skellig Michael

The Skellig Rocks, Little Skellig and Skellig Michael (Great Skellig), are towering sea crags rising from the Atlantic Ocean. These are located about 12 kilometres west of the Ivereagh Peninsula which is in County Kerry. 
Skellig Michael is situated at the western edge of Europe. A small group of ascetic monks chose it as their selected destination in a pursuit towards the union with god. This place was their best choice as it was remote and inaccessible and took them away from the fangs of civilization. Later on between sixth and eighth centuries, they formed a monastery on these rocks. It was one of the most dramatic depiction of the Christian Monasticism.
Many seabirds also find this place fascinating and of interest when it comes to breeding. A lot of species are found to breed on these rocks. What makes this place splendid is the number of species of birds and the scenic serenity of the solitude one feels at this place. The peaceful surroundings mixed with the sounds of the birds make this place an amazing site to be visited. 

Giants Causeway

On the edge of the Antrim Plateau, along the sea coast in Northern Ireland, The Giant's Causeway is located at the foot of basalt cliffs. It is a collection of about 40,000 basalt columns, that stick out of the sea. These rocks have inspired many legends of giants who strode to over the sea towards Scotland. According to geologists, these rocks were formed due to volcanic activities about 50-60 million years ago. These rocks have contributed tremendously towards the development of the earth sciences. 

Other most visited sites in Ireland constitute of The Rock of Cashel, Holy Cross Abbey, The Cliffs of Moher, Blarnet Castle, Bunratty Castle and Clonmoznoise and Gendalough. 
Apart from all these, Dublin, the house of Book of Kells and Guinness Storehouse, is also one of the main tourist attractions. The list may also include the beautiful Irish lakes, like Lakes of Killarney and Dingle Peninsula in county Kerry. Aran Islands are also one of the attractive tourist destinations in Ireland. 
These and many other places make Ireland an ideal tourist destination. So, if you have an Ireland Tourist Package don't forget to make the most out of it and travel as much as you can in the country. 
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